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This program is for any professional who meets the eligibility criteria and primarily works with youth/adolescents. Previous participants have a variety of professional backgrounds and have been working anywhere from less than 6 months - 30 years and beyond. There is something here for everyone!

The priority is for MN professionals who serve MN residents. Applicants who live across the MN border and primarily serve MN residents will be considered for approval.

This course is specifically designed for professionals who work in a role supporting and making decisions for systems-involved youth or youth at risk of systems involvement. At this time, the program is not geared towards foster parents, however you can find resources to support foster parents on the DHS website.

Absolutely! You can attend all of the offered electives at no additional cost. This applies to the consultations as well.

Consultations are not clinical in this program. However, during consultation times you can expect to:

  • do case consults within small groups with your own cases
  • learn some additional tips, strategies, and resources for working with youth
  • discuss important concerns that show up in your role with youth/adolescents

The simulation experience is provided in partnership with the M Simulation Center at the University of Minnesota. Simulation provides an educational opportunity where learners interact with a trained person, often in a modified role play format, to demonstrate and practice skills in a realistic, life-like encounter. Learners will be given a case scenario to study, then have the opportunity to engage that trained person (standardized patient) for the scenario. Often in role play, you get to switch and reverse the roles so everyone experiences both sides. In simulation, you will navigate the live scenario as yourself, in the role you currently have, with the trained person(s) in the room. Each simulation includes:

  • Group orientation
  • A 45-minute encounter with the trained, standardized patients ("actors")
  • Group debrief with the PLX coordinator and an M Simulation

Simulations take place on-site at the M Simulation Center, located on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

Learn more about human simulation and the M Simulation Center »

There is no cost to complete an application! If approved, applicants will pay  $40 registration + $350 program fee at the time of registration.

There are a couple of scholarships offered as well as limited travel stipends. Visit our training page to find out more information about scholarship availability, eligibility and the amount of the cost reduction.

The program calendar generally aligns with the school year calendar for the University of Minnesota. Should someone miss a session due to illness or other unforeseen factors, there may be opportunities to attend the same session with the alternate cohort or make-up work may be provided when available on a case by case basis according to the participant handbook.

If you are unable to attend that session with the alternate cohort or make-up work is not available, you will finish the program year with your cohort, including attending graduation. We will then invite you back to complete that individual session the following training year (with no cost to you) at which time you will receive your certificate.

Participants will get a minimum of 62.5 CEUs for attendance and participation in the required elements. Additional CEUs can be received for attending additional program elements beyond the requirement. All CEUs are approved by the Board of Social Work. You may contact us with questions about CE approval from other boards. 

You may visit the training page on our website to find the application link while applications are open. There is no cost to apply!

Approved participants will receive a welcome email following submission of their application which will include next steps to complete the program registration.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Email our program coordinator for additional questions.